About Us

Argentum is a new kind of generic pharmaceutical company. We are seeking to address a pervasive, consumer-unfriendly imbalance in the pharmaceutical industry:

Many blockbuster drugs are granted extended patent protection on the basis of dubious patent claims. This is the branded drug industry’s practice of ‘evergreening’: seeking and often obtaining additional patents that never should have been granted by the Patent Office.

We stand against the abuse of the patent system by the pharmaceutical industry. And where there is not necessarily abuse, we nonetheless look to identify any drug patent that rests upon weak, non-novel claims.


Our goal is to bring generic drugs to market faster – for the benefit of consumers.


Argentum is pro-patent. We respect foundational patents on true innovations.


Our founders and partners have decades of experience in pharmaceutical patent law and litigation.


Argentum partners with manufacturers and distributors across the global healthcare landscape.


Whereas traditional generics typically defer patent dispute resolution to near the end of the generic product development lifecycle, Argentum ties product development to patent clearance by accelerating dispute resolution towards the beginning of the generic development process.

In tandem with patent clearance, Argentum simultaneously leverages strategic supply chain partnerships to drive down costs and reduce inefficiencies traditionally associated with generic drug development, manufacturing, and distribution. By leveraging the America Invents Act’s post-grant challenge system in tandem with these relationships, Argentum can provide the Patent Office with a second look at patents of dubious quality much earlier and accelerate generic competition compared with the traditional model, ensuring patients gain access to affordable medicines in a streamlined manner.

Data Analytics.

Argentum has designed a proprietary A.I.-based data analytics platform. This framework is critical in helping us identify hundreds of patent claims which won’t stand up to closer scrutiny in federal court or in a review by the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB).